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Da.Wa Pencil Case

The da. Wa pencil case is a beautiful addition to your fashion-oultry. This case features a beautiful glitter to your clothing, as well as a large capacity for holding all of your pencils. It is also azipper pouch pencil holder. Further, this case comes with a zippered pouch for holding your pens, pencils, and more. This case is perfect for carrying throughout your day-to-day wear, or just for writing when need be.

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The da. Wa pencil case is the perfect way to keep your writing supplies close at hand. The sleek design with the light glitter is perfect for a busy room or a social occasion. The large capacity is perfect for writing on-the-go. The zippered pouch is perfect for holding your pencils while you write. The pen holder is also perfect for keeping your pencils secret (and probably a bit more difficult to find).
this da. Wa pencil case is a creative and retro pencil case. It is perfect for holding all your creative snacks and toiletries in one place. The cases also come with a ' cosmetic toiletry storage roll ' and a ' storage roll bag '. Wa pencil case is a great way to keep your pencils and case together! It is made of durable canvas and canvas fabric, making it a long-lasting tool. The animal design is adorable and the case is small enough to fit on a pocket book.